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Interview with Tracy Lothian, Vice President, ExxonMobil

Gender Diversity in the LNG & Gas Industry

The energy sector remains one of the least gender diverse sectors in the economy. However, we are now seeing growing efforts to promote and encourage women’s participation – including within the LNG & Gas industry. A key figure driving the promotion of gender diversity in our sector is Tracy Lothian, Senior Vice President Mozambique LNG Marketing at ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. With natural gas paving the way to a cleaner future, we caught up with Tracy to discuss how gender diversity and the broad participation of women in the energy sector are needed for a successful clean energy transition.

1. What can industry do to address obstacles and overcome barriers to full participation and career advancement for women?

At ExxonMobil, I’ve seen first-hand how we invest in the development of women leaders, and I am very proud of where we are today. But we can’t stop here: We need to work together across the energy industry to demonstrate the value of diversity. The greater the value, the quicker the pace of change.

2. In 2015, world leaders committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD), including SDG 5, which aims to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.” What is required by all energy stakeholders to meet this goal?

It’s essential for all sectors, energy among them, to recognize the talents and contributions all of us can make, and to actively promote inclusion and diversity. This extends from supporting education programs – like the work ExxonMobil does to encourage more girls to take an interest in STEM related fields – to recruiting and developing women, and maintaining the types of workplaces that fully leverage and reward women’s contributions. From a fundamental business perspective, companies should understand that their ability to harness the potential and strength of a diverse workforce helps improve the bottom line.

3. Women in gas to power are on the rise! What more can be done to harness talent and encourage more women to pursue careers in the industry?

That is a great question. I am very passionate about women being on the rise in the gas to power industry and have been watching this evolve during my career. I believe we now have a powerful network of women in senior positions that are really making a difference. By making the most of our strength in numbers across the industry, we can make an impact on the business and at the same time empower others around us to join. I truly believe that the best way for women to succeed is to help each other broaden industry connections with men and women in order to share ideas and advice, we have a great opportunity to do that through events like Power Play.

4. How is the LNG & Gas industry supporting the move towards greater diversity?

As a global organization, the diversity and inclusion of thought, skill, knowledge and culture across ExxonMobil facilitates innovation and is a key competitive advantage. Within the Gas & Power Marketing organisation, I am encouraged to see more women rising in our ranks today than in the past. I am particularly proud to see Emma Cochrane in the position of Vice President – LNG.

5. ExxonMobil is hosting Power Play at the World Gas Conference in Washington D.C. on 26th June – a networking event to form closer connections in the gas to power value chain. What can we expect at the event?

This will be the 5th event in the Power Play series and we can expect this one to be bigger and better than ever! We have capacity to host 400 men and women, and I am confident it will be an uplifting and energising event. Power Play is focused on networking; it will commence with a welcome champagne reception, after which some of our distinguished guests will share their insights, including Yalan Li, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Beijing Gas Group; Dena Wiggins, President and CEO at the Natural Gas Supply Association; and Emma Cochrane, Vice President – LNG, ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing company. We hope to see everyone there.

Power Play will take place at 4pm on 26th June at the ExxonMobil booth #2821 at WGC in Washington D.C. Champagne and canapés at 4pm and opening remarks at 4.30pm. Register here to attend: https://bit.ly/2JCutTv