Social Partnerships

Supporting Social Causes in Mozambique

Casa do Gaiato

In Partnership with Casa do Gaiato dmg events is proud to support Casa do Gaiato which is a key social institution located in Boane supporting children aged 3-20 years old. Casa do Gaiato is one of the main social institutions in Mozambique now celebrating 25 years of continuous support of the development of Mozambican children through educational, social and development projects.

We have been supporting Casa do Gaiato for the last 4 years by supporting different projects:

  • Donating medication to the onsite doctor’s office
  • Food supplies lasting for a couple of months
  • Clothes, educational material and other necessary items for the children
  • Spending invaluable time with the kids when possible

The WIWANANA Foundation

In Partnership with the WIWANANA Foundation.

The WIWANANA Foundation is active in Chiure, Pemba, Metuge and Montepuez district, and is promoting mechanisms to prevent and resolve cases of violence in communities and schools, advocating and challenging the power of cultural beliefs and practices that contribute to gender-based violence.

MGS Scholarship

We are also incredibly proud to be covering one of the children’s annual university course fees. By supporting José Pedro Nhampossa’s dream to pursue a better education and a brighter future, dmg events has been actively participating in his education at The Witive – Unitiva University, where he is studying Geology and Mining Engineering. José Pedro has been excelling at his course at the University and we are hopeful that one day he will also be an active participant in Mozambique’s oil and gas industry.


“The University semester went very well since through my dedication I achieved good results….. I am and will always be grateful for the support from CWC Group. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to develop my career and your contribution in helping me become a professional. Thank you!”

Mozambique Women of Energy

In Partnership with: Mozambique Women of Energy

MWE is driven by the desire to empower women and men in Mozambique and across Africa to become leaders of energy transition, targeting SDG 5 and 7 towards a sustainable development.


In Partnership with Impact.

We are a non-profit organization of diverse women entrepreneurs in Mozambique from both local and
international market. More than 400 members online which include aspiring, startups and SME’s in various sectors. Our focus is to leverage on the opportunities that exist in Mozambique to grow women in businesses and create partnership with industries and extractive sectors by expanding networking and identify demand driven capacity development to allow the access to new clients/ markets.


In Partnership with IPEME.

The Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME) is the Mozambican public institution whose mission is to encourage the implementation, consolidation and development of small enterprises in Mozambique. The IPEME is linked to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, but is endowed with administrative and financial autonomy.


In Partnership with: APIEX

APIEX is a public institution with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy created in 2016. The Agency is the result of the merger of the Investment Promotion Centre, the Special Economic Zone Authority and the Institute for Export Promotion.


In Partnership with: ANJE

Established in 2010, ANJE promotes products, services and public policies that benefit the creation and improvement of businesses owned by young people. Its mission is to promote youth businesses through capacity building and advocating for a business environment more conducive to youth development.


In Partnership with: APME

APME is a non-profit entity representing and defending interests of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Republic of Mozambique. APME’s mission is to increase the capacity for the development of SMEs in order to improve their business and thus contribute to the growth of the Mozambican economy.

Collaborate with Us

We are proud to working closely with organisations representing the Mozambican SMEs that help us ensure a fair representation of those sectors at the event, as well as offering free of charge 15 stands within the exhibition hall for local SMEs.

Get in touch to collaborate on our range of social projects, please contact:

Bernardo Lemos, Conference Producer: T: +44 20 8078 8259

Or email