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It's essential to mention that the Gas Summit plays an important role in enabling access to information and awareness within Mozambique's Oil and Gas and the entire energy sector. This event allows us to showcase Mozambique's potential and perceive how these resources can directly contribute to our development as a country. For Sasol, this event is an excellent opportunity to promote our initiatives and their respective impact.

A heartfelt thank you to the DMG team; MGES 23 was absolutely incredible! MGES 23 stood out for its unwavering focus on uniting efforts, empowering peers and exploring investment opportunities to enhance Mozambique’s Upgradability.

Thanks for organization of dmg events. Really a pleasure participating Mozambique Energy Congress 2023. It provides many chance and technical discussion platform between end user and supplier.

“Can’t wait for the next edition”

“A key event for bringing all stakeholders interested in the gas story of Mozambique together – Well done to dmg events for bringing this great event together.”

“I congratulate dmg events for the successful event organized. It was very professional and fruitful.”

“The Virtual Summit was very enjoyable - for Anglo Eurasia Power Africa, it was very worthwhile. We were delighted to be one of the sponsors. Dmg events did an excellent job.”

“Very productive.”

“Since its inception 5 years ago, it’s become an absolute co-part of our programme of business development and business support here in Mozambique. Its’a a valuable networking event, it’s a valuable platform to promote the brand and also understand the sector more. We are very proud to be repeated partners of the event.”

“Was impressive and educative.”

“It was an enlightening moment to discover how the situation is evolving in the country and in the world of oil and gas.”

“A unique and superb platform for oil & gas players looking for business opportunities in Mozambique to interact and stay abreast of latest developments. An absolute must attend”

“Interesting, and a good update on current state of gas projects in Palma.”

“Very well organized event and a key platform for business linkages.”


“Very well organized event.”

“Very well organized. Ran smoothly. Excellent contacts.”

“I found the event to be very informative of the Oil & Gas future plans /Projects. conducted in a very excellent manner.”

“Very useful and informative.”

“Very well organised.”

“I would like to congratulate CWC for the organization of this event. This is an important event for the Mozambican Business Community in order to understand the latest advances in LNG Project in Mozambique and know about opportunities for local companies.”

“It's great to be here as a sponsor and we enjoy the organisaton and the way the event has been conducted.”

“Great opportunity to meet all the industry players.”

“Insightful and business orientated.”

“I think it's a fantastic opportunity. All the players are here; gas from the upstream to the downstream, we are more on the mid-downstream part, but everybody close together so we are updated about everything, we find new partners, we update our discussions. It’s really fantastic.”

“An overview of Mozambique Gas market , absolutely necessary to plan and direct your company targets and strategy.”

“Very useful.”

“Very informative as it was my first visit to Mozambique and I got a quick snapshot of the current situation during the presentations at the gas summit.”

“Well organised and the presentations and the networks met my expectations.”

“Surprising event. New room, new model presenters, knowledgeable about their presentation areas. Fantastic support team, friendly and very hardworking. Mr. Tiago is going to rank with the maximum score.”

“Informative and well organised.”

“Professional, well organized. CWC Staff very helpful and friendly. Definitely a summit to attend if you are interested in the LNG development in Northern Mozambique. All the big players present, and given that it's a closed event, it was very well attended.”

“The event brought value to all the players in the Oil&Gas business.”

“Very good event.”

“Well organized, buoyant atmosphere.”

“Very good.”

“That was a good Gas Summit. Last year was a continuation of 2016, but this year seems to be a new era of the Gas Summit. We believe that next year will be most exciting, because we will (...) reach the FID in March. This means there will be new investments coming, more people interested in Mozambique gas and LNG, so then it will be a game-changer.”

“Informative and encouraging.”

“The growth in this country is going to be tremendous. The opportunities are phenomenal. (…) The Gas Summit is a great location for us to meet, not just the government people, but also other industry representatives, the local community, the business community and all in here. It’s a gathering where we all come together and it’s an opportunity to talk about things like 2019 or the work progress that we see over the next 18 months to 5 years so that we can be talking about how we can work together to make them happen. (…) I think 2019 is going to be a very exciting year in Mozambique. ”

“CWC has been engaged since 2013, what we have seen is an increased level of interest participation from all the players, including BHGE, so we appreciate organisations like yours that help industry to build up fast.”

“The event was interesting and I got some new information about the O&G market.”

“It helps get messages on what we are actually doing on the project out to the wider community. That would include a lot of our external stakeholders, who can be a part in helping us secure our goals and in particular the various approvals that we’re going to need from governmental agencies. I would add that we are getting tremendous support from the government and the governmental agencies. There’s a solid alignment in terms of both Anadarko and the industry and the government wanting the same things, which is long-term, sustainable gas supply, which will bring in revenues for the country, which will help the country, help its people and (...) all future generations of Mozambicans.”

“My first time attending. Very informative, I especially welcomed the National Content day.”

“As any conference of oil and gas sector, power, energy, it’s a great opportunity for networking, but the Mozambique Gas Summit has proven to be one of the best conferences so far in Mozambique in the sector. We’ve been with the Gas Summit from the very beginning, it’s not Applus' first year, we’ve been last year as well, but this year we see growth, we see change, we see that there’s a different dynamic in this conference. We see the quality of the people that are here is growing, is getting better and better. From the Applus point of view it’s great because all of our contractors, all of our main clients or potential future clients are all present and very accessible to discuss new projects, even define news strategies for collaboration in the future. In general I can say that The Mozambique Gas Summit this year have surpassed what they’ve been doing. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Very Well Organized, very good presenters and valuable information”

“Very well organised and excellent content”

“It was a great opportunity for networking.”

“Very positive environment!”

“The venue was extremely important especially on the promotion and sharing finding mechanism of gas industry in MOZAMBIQUE.”

“This event has shown that companies involved in the Mozambique’s Gas developments are totally committed with Mozambique’s Social, Economic and Industrial development. One could see in the eyes of the presenters who were in many times Top Executives of the companies that they represented that they too are committed to the Mozambique’s harmonious development of the Economy, People and the Environment. It was seen that Corporate Social Responsibility for instance is not just another Management fad or cliché but a fact because implementation of CSR is happening as I compose these notes. This will make all of us winners: Gas Companies will gain a lot and Mozambique will be one day a Wealthy nation as well.”

“World class, it has really grown since the early days.”

“Highly interactive platform with it's improvements on the second day.”

“The quality of the event keeps improving and Mozambique Gas Summit is now clearly a landmark in the business year of Maputo.
A great opportunity to meet all key stakeholders within three days and listen to presentations which provided the appropriate update on all hot topics relevant to the nascent O&G industry in Mozambique.
A special acknowledgement to the production team who attentively catered to our needs to ensure that our participation in the exhibition space ran smoothly. For sure we will be part of the next one!”

“Very good event, well structured and in line with expectations.”

“As usual , Gas summit event in Maputo was organized very well. Thank you to CWC Team and others.”

“Well organized. Topics are useful.”

“I think the summit has been an incredible mix of diversity in terms of the subject matter experts at the summit, lots of different views, lots of different country experiences, regional experiences, etc. I think it’s quite interesting when you blend local opinions and local context with international experience and lessons learnt. So I think number one is sharing of information, how we can learn from one another but, as per my key message yesterday, it’s all about collaboration. If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you really want to use your resources more effectively and have a lot more impact then how do we look at partnerships, how do we look at collaborating together?”

“It’s been great, very informative. All the major players are here, that’s obviously who I want to meet and want them to be here. So, all of them are here. It’s great networking, information sharing, we’ve got really good information form the presentations, especially from a local content day. It’s really been great. At least now we can write our proposals better.”

“Firstly, we would like to thank CWC for organising the conference in Mozambique. We found it very, very interesting and very busy. The Conference was attended by a lot of people from all over the world. It was very well organised and so many people responded to CWC’s invitation to this event. It was a very successful conference for the oil and gas sector in Mozambique.”

“Great networking event”

“A timely summit on gas development, its challenges and benefits through the eyes of the Mozambique Government, IOCs and Service Providers”

“Great event, well attended, well organised by CWC as usual”

“A good event attended by key customers & stakeholders.”

“It was very good and at the right time when most of the exploration projects are on its final stage.”

“Very well organized and very interesting event.”

“Well organized and important information were shared.”

“Well organized and good presentations.”

“The event is fantastic. We were here last year, and this year as well. We’ve seen a lot more people here in 2018 and it gives us a chance to become closer to our partners, our clients and our end users. It’s a great gathering.”

“CWC's Maputo summit is a must-attend event for connecting with top people in the gas industry from both the government and private sectors. The presentations and panel discussions provide a useful summary of the latest developments in gas and LNG.”

“It was well organized. Helped me know more about the current status and way forward of the oil and gas projects in Mozambique!”

“Very well organized I did enjoy the presentations from the EXXON ,ENI and Anadarko representatives . It provided concrete projections of what to expect on the LNG panorama.”

“The Summit has come a long way. I think it’s an important Summit to have. Our experience was that the networking was great, a lot of people that we have met are prospective clients, prospective cooperations,.. so the Summit has been pretty good for us.”


“It was excellent.”

“EXCELLENT,above expectations.”

“Great variety of content and qualified speakers.”

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about the industry (…) Because of this Summit, I was able to learn so much more about the industry and to get to know so many different people across the world (they are huge players in the industry) and to interact with a lot of women as well. It didn’t feel so foreign to me because there are so many other women also participating so it’s a networking opportunity, it’s a place to gain information, it’s a place to know what’s coming in the future, it’s a great platform just to be informed on oil and gas industry in Mozambique and the world.”

“Very enlightening and needed in this time in the African continent.”

“I’ve been in Mozambique for 6 years now, have attended a half a dozen of these summit and I thought the organization and more importantly, the content of the Mozambique Gas Summit was by far the best I’ve experienced since I’ve been here. The quality of the speakers, the agenda and topics that were covered were all very informative. I’m very pleased and we’ll be I’m sure supporting next year.”

“Very well organized and very helpful for understanding the actual state of play of the gas projects”

“Very good. Current and relevant subjects”

I want to congratulate the DMG Events team for their continued hard work and exceeding expectations year after year.

Foi uma Experiencia unica

Event very well prepared. thank you for the organisation.

I had the pleasure of attending the MGES, it provided an excellent platform for networking with industry professionals, allowing my institution to forge valuable connections.

Good event to receive an update on developments in country and an opportunity to meet and talk to the whole supply chain!

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry France-Mozambique, alongside its exhibiting member companies AGL, Banco Société Générale Mozambique, DHL, Servtec SBM and Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (SGM), were delighted to attend this edition of MGES. Good presentations & speakers, some good visits to our Pavilion and encounters.

The event was excellent.

The event was very well attended and the level of discussions was very relevant for the industry.

Leonardo Group company participated in the event as an exhibitor. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the largest oil and gas event in Mozambique that reconvened key international investors, developers, private sector and operators, IOCs, EPCs. Recognizing the significant networking value of the forthcoming initiative, for sure it will be a pleasure to participate in the next years MGES event.

Awesome experience

Very fruitful and informative.

Bringing Together the Mozambican and Global Energy Industry

Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition