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New for 2021 Centres of Technical Excellence (CoTEs)

Identifying tomorrow’s technologies today will enable a more cost efficient and responsible approach to help maintaining innovation and competitiveness.

The Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition 2021 will see the launch of the inaugural ‘Centres of Technical Excellence’ (CoTEs). The CoTEs will present a 2 day technical seminar program located within the Exhibition show floor theatre,
dedicated to exploring research and development (R&D) in technological innovations that are designing tomorrow’s gas, LNG, power and energy technologies.

The 2-day single stream dedicated CoTEs programme will feature multiple technical presentations focused on delivering knowledge, education and an exchange of ideas behind the science and engineering that underpin critical technological developments across the gas, LNG, power and energy value chains.

Be Part of Mozambique’s Most Reputable Industry Gathering

The Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition is organised by:

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For more information on how to participate at the Summit, please contact:

Alex Pople, Commercial Sales Manager: T: +44 208 078 0779

Gurpreet Hayre, Head of Content: T: +44 208 078 0784

or Email:

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