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Talumba Katawala Interview

Talumba Katawala

• What more can be done to promote opportunities available for women in the work place?
To tackle gender biased employment would be like filling a hallow bucket with sand. There’s way too many underlaying social and cultural issues that should be understood and changed/improved before we can discuss opportunities available for women in the work place.

• What piece of advice would you give to women starting their career?
• Take all the no’s you can now, to prepare you for the future! Read everything and write everything down.

• Who was your idol growing up?
When I started my career in the industry in 2007 we had H.E. Esperanca Bias as the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, and I had many run-ins with her in meetings and public forums, such the Gas Summit, and throughout these years it’s always been a goal of mine to get a few words in with her to let her know where I am , and what obstacles and triumphs I’ve been having and I always get encouraging words from her. So I suppose she’s someone I seek approval from, and therefore idolize.

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