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Tavares Martinho - Executive Vice President for Exploration & Production - ENH

Tavares Martinho

Executive Vice President for Exploration & Production

Born in Nampula in 1969; he has 19 years’ experience in oil and gas industry as exploration geologist. In 1996 concluded the course of Geology at University Eduardo Mondlane. Joined ENH in 1995 as geologist until 2008, from 1996 to date he was submitted to several courses related to petroleum geology. From 2000 to date he has been teaching tectonics, general geology and petroleum geology at University of Eduardo Mondlane as part time. During the time at ENH he was appointed in 2002 as labor representative in the board of directors and 2008 appointed as exploration Director as part of executive members of board of directors until 2013, now (2014) he has been appointed as executive member of board director for commercial, marketing, and new ventures. He participated actively in the establishment of several projects for oil and gas exploration in Mozambique. His actual task is to market and sell the huge amounts of natural gas discovered in the Rovuma Basin and the industrialization of Mozambique through development of local market. During the last ten years he developed skills as industry liaison, as well as informing local communities about the exploration and production activities in Mozambique.

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