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Taciana Peão Lopes - Managing Director - TPLA

Taciana Peão Lopes

Managing Director

  • Speaking at: Session 4: Panel Discussion - Economic Empowerment of Women in Mozambique’s Extractive Industries

Taciana Peão Lopes is a Mozambican lawyer and an independent energy/oil and gas legal counsel focused in energy projects in Mozambique. She has been advising developers, sponsors, investors, multinational lenders and commercial banks to develop, construct and finance power plants ranging in size from 30 MW to 600 MW utilizing diverse technologies as natural gas, coal and hydroelectric, as well as alternative technologies such as solar and wind, by guiding the clients through a challenging regulatory regime. She has been representing the major upstream oil and gas companies based in Mozambique. Taciana has been involved in the first LNG export project in Mozambique, which is one of the largest LNG projects worldwide. Her expertise in LNG includes the drafting and negotiation with the Government of the Republic of Mozambique of the legal instruments required for the creation of a new legal framework for the implementation and financing for LNG in Mozambique. Taciana is a founder and sponsor of Waza, a Mozambican think and do tank, and parte of the network of the Graça Machel Trust Foundation – Women Advancing Africa, through the Mozambican Associations Femme – Women in Business and New Faces New Voices.

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