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Sansao Buque - Deputy National Director for Gender - Ministry Gender, Children and Social Activities

Sansao Buque

Deputy National Director for Gender
Ministry Gender, Children and Social Activities

  • Speaking at: Session 5: Win – Win Strategies to Promote a More Balanced Oi & Gas Industry in Mozambique

 Awarded the grade of Master in Socio-Economic for Development

2005: Post-Graduated in Sciences of Education with specialization in Adult Education,

2003-2007 – Deputy National Director for Women;

2007-2010 – Director of Cooperation in the Ministry for Women and Social Action;

2010-2012 – Minister’s Adviser;

2012-2014 – Deputy National Director for Women;

2015 up to date Deputy National Director for Gender.

Participated in the technical team of PARPA (Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty in Mozambique) and in the Population Technical Group, instruments coordinated by the former Ministry of Planning and Development. Was Focal Point of Mozambique in the Social Protection Agenda for Africa led by the World Bank, he worked hard in the area of orphans and vulnerable children in the context of HIV and AIDS, having coordinated the drafting of the National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC ) in the context of HIV and AIDS which was approved in 2006 by the Council of Ministers and  by the Parliament; and coordinated the drafting of the plans of the Ministry of Women and Social Action to Combat HIV / AIDS 2005-09, 2010-14 and 2015-2019, including its implementation. Coordinated the organization of the First National Conference on Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique. Project Coordinator of OVCs financed by the World Bank. From 2005 to now is working in the field of economic women empowerment very close with the African Development Bank, becoming from 2013 the Women Empowerment and Skills Development Project Coordinator, funded by African Development Bank.Since 2006 to 2016 was Director of the Project for Support and Care of People Living with HIV and AIDS, funded by the Center for Prevention and Disease Control CDC (American Government).

Co-established the National Conference on Women and Gender to be held every two years in Mozambique, whose first edition was in 2008 and the last took place in 2016 and the next will take place in 2018.

Has large experience in comparative studies on development, environmental impact assessment, institutional relations, community development, social and organizational systems of economic activity, economic sociology, social dialogue and entrepreneurship, sociology of financial markets, gender and violence. He coordinated the International Study on Violence Against Women in Mozambique, carried out under
the auspices of UNODC and UNDP, as well as participated in elaboration of the main documents from the sector.

He also has extensive experience in the area of Community Development and Social Responsibility and Corporate Economic Empowerment of Women. He has published articles, such as the Social and Economic Impact of Anti Personnel Mines in Mozambique, Mozambique 35 Years – Towards the Future, launched in 2011, his most recent work (2018) done with participation of others is the Gender Policy and Its Strategies of Implementation, National Action Plan on Gender Based Violence, National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.


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