2021 Speakers

Juscelina Guirengane

President ANJE


Juscelina Guirengane is a multi-tasked entrepreneur, social activist, volunteer, university lecturer, public speaker and business consultant with about 9 years of professional experience, both at the local and international level.

Juscelina possesses an Information Systems and Technology Business Commerce Honours Degree, from the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. She is currently and simultaneously the CEO of Sahane Consultoria & Serviços Lda (a private sector management and ICT consultancy and training provider), President of the National Association of Young Entrepreneur’s (ANJE), the President of the Mozambique USA Alumni Association (MUSAA), and the Global Entrepreneurship Network Managing Director for Mozambique.

She has participated in many international capacity building programs, congresses, conferences, symposiums and internships in all continents of the world, including Presidential Summits, related to business and entrepreneurship.