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MODERATOR: Estevão Pale - Executive Director & CEO - CMH

MODERATOR: Estevão Pale

Executive Director & CEO

Estêvão Tomás Rafael Pale, is a Mozambican national, 60 years old, married with two children, holds a  Masters degree in Financial Economics from the the University of London, a Masters degree in Mining Engineering from the Camborne School of Mines and a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Eduardo Mondlane University, in Mozambique.

Mr Pale has more than 35 years of work experience in geology and mining and ten years of experience in the petroleum and gas industry.  He has successfully run various organizations with special reference to the fact that he was the National Director of Mines in the Ministry of Mineral Resources for about ten years, where amongst many challenges he responsible for devising and implementing the supporting project for the development of the geological and mining sector, funded by the World Bank, that eased the revision of the legal framework and attracted more investment to the sector.

Mr Pale is the Chief Executive Officer of CMH – Companhia Moçambicana de Hidrocarbonetos, SA, ie Mozambican Hydrocarbon Company, since 2005.  CMH holds 25% shares in the Pande & Temane Natural Gas Joint Venture, and Sasol Petroleum Temane holds 70% and IFC – International Finance Corportion, a member of the World Bank Group, holds 5%.  As the CEO of CMH, Mr Pale has been fundamental in delivering increasingly positive results for CMH’s shareholders; therefore CMH has been distinguished as a role model in the oil and gas industry.

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