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MODERATOR: Jocelyne Machevo - Coral Project Interface Coordinator - ENI

MODERATOR: Jocelyne Machevo

Coral Project Interface Coordinator

Jocelyne Machevo is one of a new breed of leaders to emerge from the recent discoveries and development scenario of Mozambique’s oil and gas sector. Bachelor in Civil Engineering, her career in the industry started in 2013 after concluding a Master´s in Economy and Management of Energy and Environment, when she was only 22 years old and joined Eni East Africa.

Jocelyne´s professionalism and commitment led her to be directly involved in the most challenging project in current oil and gas scenario in Mozambique, the Coral South Project.

Her strong engagement with the local Government and local stakeholders, made it possible for Eni East Africa to reach the approval of the development plan in 2016 and the Final Investment Decision of the project in June 2017. These achievements represent a groundbreaking milestone for the history of Mozambique´s oil and gas industry, being the first Rovuma Basin project to enter into its execution phase, representing the beginning of a huge development process for Mozambique.

Jocelyne´s has recently been shortlisted in the category of “Future leaders” by Petroleum Economist Awards 2017 propelling herself as a reference amongst the young professionals in the industry and seen as an emerging leader.

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