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Hugo Costa - Project Manager - COMBO Project Mozambique

Hugo Costa

Project Manager
COMBO Project Mozambique

Hugo Costa has a degree in Zoology and a Master in Environmental Impact Assessment. He has over 15 years of professional experience, having participated in projects in Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, Portugal, Poland, Finland and Venezuela. He is currently the COMBO Project Manager for Mozambique. Hugo has in his background 11 years experience in managing biodiversity consultancy companies in Europe and Africa. He has undertaken consultancy services in several areas, having conducted and/or coordinated over 500 biodiversity monitoring programmes, assessments and plans for different types of projects such as wind farms, dams, power lines, power stations, pipelines, roads, railways, oil & gas, mining, solar and wave energy projects, agriculture, forestry, ports, industry, among other infrastructure. Additionally, Hugo has participated in mitigation and offset programmes, identification and valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, conservation programmes, climate change adaptation, biodiversity action plans and management planning. Besides consultancy and technical-scientific advisory Hugo is co-author of 1 book, 12 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 16 technical papers.

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