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Benjamin Chilenge - Administrador Comercial - ENH

Benjamin Chilenge

Administrador Comercial

Born on December 30, 1963 in Lago, Niassa Province, Mozambique and a graduate degree in Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Eduardo Mondlane University, is a cadre who has been doing his career at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), since 1983.

At MIREM he held the positions of Head of the Labor Organization and Wages Section (OTS) and Head of the Department of Administration and Finance, National Director of Planning and Development and Advisor to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy.

From 1998 to 2007, he was the Administrator of ENH, in the Department of Administration, Accounting and Finance, cumulatively served as Administrator of CMG and CMH.

He was project manager: Pande Gas Engineering Project, Credit n.2629 MOZ, World Bank financing; Technical Assistance to ENH, Project MOZ 2469, funded by NORAD; Energy Reform and Access Project (ERAP), Credit n. 3819 MOZ, World Bank financing; And the Mining and Gas Technical Assistance Project (MAGTAP), funded by the World Bank and DFID.

He is currently Commercial Vice President at ENH, E.P. since September 2016.

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