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Antonio Saide - CEO - FUNAE

Antonio Saide


Antonio Osvaldo Saíde was conducted for Chairman of the Energy Fund on September 18, 2015.

He joined Energy Fund in 2007 as Member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Antonio Osvaldo Saide was graduated in physics at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, and is also attending a Master Degree in Renewable Energy at the University of Beuth, Germany.

He began his career in energy sector in the year of 2000. In 2001 he was indicated Head of the Solar Energy Division.  Later in 2003, he became responsible of the Department of New and Renewable Energies.

In 2005 he was officially appointed National Director for New and Renewable Energies, position held for 10 years. As National Director for New and Renewable Energy, he was Southern African representative on the International Board of the REEEP and Mozambique representative in the initiative Energy and Efficiency Partnership, promoted by Finland Republic.

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