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Natalia Camba

Natalia is currently the Director of Local Content at National Petroleum Institute upstream Regulator of Oil and Gas activities, previously she was the Director of Supervision and Safety. She is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Master Degree in Project Management of Oil&Gas Industries with specialization in Economics of Oil, Gas and Energy.

She was involved in elaboration of documents related with Gas Development in Mozambique, such Gas Master Plan, Strategy for the Development of Local Market, HSE Regulation etc.

She has experience in LNG Project, where she was involved in different roles such as Engineering Technical Assistant also follow-up communications Liaison with Government Regulatory groups within Mozambique. She acted after as Advisory of Environmental Impact Assessment team in the Mozambique LNG Project , leading  with issues associated with EIA and Resettlement Action Plan, and guide the team with information necessary to meet the Mozambique Government and local communities’ needs.

Currently, Natalia is involved in setting up strategies and Policies related with Local Content Development in Mozambique and she is member of Local Content Task Force, an interministerial Group that coordinates Local Content implementation in Mozambique.

Natalia is also a lecture of Petroleum Geopolitics& Ethics in the Oil &Gas Business MBA at ISCTEM (Higher Institute)

Augusto E. Macuvele

Jos Evens

Jos Evens has spent more than 30 years with ExxonMobil.  He joined ExxonMobil Mocambique Limitada as Production Manager and Mozambique Lead Country Manager in August 2017. He previously served as Senior Vice President, Gas & Power Marketing, for ExxonMobil Qatar Limited. Mr. Evens studied Commercial Engineering and Engineer Enterprise Information Systems at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Mr. Evens began his career with Exxon in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1984. Since that time, he has undertaken a range of operational, supervisory and managerial assignments for Exxon and subsequently ExxonMobil. He has served in various capacities in operations, customer service, business development, and planning functions within Fuels Marketing and Gas Marketing while working in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.

Florival Mucave

1995, Articled clerk with Schellemberg Wittmer Law firm in Geneva Switzerland.

1996, Articled clerk with Linklaters Law Firm in London, United Kingdom.

1997-1998, World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland, Junior Legal Affairs Officer, dealing with trade disputes, the implementation of the General Agreements on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) and technical assistance to Developing Countries.

1999, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva, Switzerland, Legal Trade Officer, dealing with International trade agreements and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Developing Countries.

2000-2001, Diamond Trading Company (DTC), a subsidiary of the De Beers Group, in London, United Kingdom as Senior Legal Counsel dealing with Competition and Anti-Trust matters pertaining to DeBeers negotiations with the European Competition Commission (DG4) as well as negotiations of new diamond concessions in Angola, Russia and Canada.  

2001-2003, De Beers Group Services, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, as Head of the Department responsible for contracts and negotiations in Southern Africa.

2004-2008, DeBeers Group Central Africa, based in Luanda, Angola, in charge of DeBeers Legal and Commercial Division for Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic.  

2009-2011, DeBeers Group International, based in Johannesburg, Director for Strategic Growth and New Business Development in Africa.  My Division ascertained the commercial sustainability of new diamond projects and the expansion opportunities in Africa.

2011, After 12 years with the DeBeers Group, pursuant to my request, I became an International Consultant for the DeBeers Group in Africa, based in Johannesburg.

2012-2015, Senior Independent Consultant for the De Beers Group and Anglo-American PLC in Africa.

2015-Founded Genese Oil & Gas Mozambique, an Oil & Gas Consulting Company aimed at providing Legal and Corporate Finance services to Oil and Gas companies operating in Africa.

2015-2019, Through Genese Oil & Gas, I provided Legal services to Empresa Mocambicana de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), which I assisted in their negotiations with Anadarko, ENI, Galp and sub-sea 7, amongst others.

Currently President at the Mozambique Oil & Gas Chamber.

Dr. Omar Mithá

Omar Mithá was born in Mozambique in 1967, he holds degree in Economics from Eduardo Mondlane University (1992, Mozambique) and Post-Graduate Degree in Management from ISCTE (2005, Portugal).

He  holds the position of CEO/Chairman of ENH, the NOC from the Republic of Mozambique, since August 2015. He is also Chairman of ENH Logistics and Non-Executive Board Member of Matola Gas Company (MGC) and Portos de Cabo Delgado (PCD). Until August 2015 was the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade. Before joining the Government, from 2008 to 2013 he was the former Chief-Economist and in charge of the Investment Banking of Millennium BIM dealing with credit for large projects, advisory, project finance and research. Prior to that, from 2006 to 2007 was an Investment Officer at the IFC office in Maputo. Between 2000 and 2005 he was working as a consultant to the World Bank on behalf of International Development Ireland to develop SME´s through a matching grant scheme for technology transfer. Previously he worked for Ernst & Young as a consultant, and was the Manager and Advisor of several companies between 1992 and 1996. He has been a lecturer at the local university for a couple of years.

Carlos Zacarias

Mr Carlos Zacarias completed a Master in Petroleum Geology, in 1992, at the Petrochemical Superior Institute of Baku, (Ex-USSR), currently Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1995, he joined the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, and the Nacional Department for Coal and Hydrocarbons where he held various roles; namely supervising the exploration and production activities that led to the discoveries of resources in Inhassouro and the Njika Field. Aditionally he was member of the Interministerial Comitee for the Implementation of the Project of Natural Gas in Pande and Temane. In 2005, he was appointed Administrator of the Department of Projects and Development of the National Petroleum Insitute (INP), having contributed to the ellaboration of the proposal for the Regulation of Licensing of oil infrastructure and monitoring condensed natural gas production and transportation. In the year 2008, he was nominated Administrator of the Department of Exploration of INP where he oversaw different areas as Member of the Board, namely supervising the exploration activities which led to the discovery of soft oil in Inhassouro and gas in the Njika field, and also, the discovery of the gas fields in Rovuma, as well as their appraisal. Currently he is the President of the Board of INP, nominated in August 2015, leading the negotiations in concession contracts of exploration in place in the Basins of Mozambique and Rovuma, as well as regulating and monitoring the activities of exploration and production of natural gas in Mozambique.

Martin Hutchison

Martin Hutchison is an independent consultant supplying strategic support to the global energy industry. He has over 40 years of international oil and gas industry leadership experience in technical, commercial and senior executive roles, encompassing Upstream and LNG across Europe, North and South America, Middle East and West Africa. He served on the boards of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and the Ameriven heavy oil project, and later as the Managing Director and executive board member for Brass LNG Ltd, Nigeria. Martin is a lecturer in several CWC professional development courses and a regular chairman and Co-Chairman of CWC conferences.

Tânia Munhequete

Tânia Munhequete was born in Mozambique in 1970, and holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Pelotas Catholic University – Brazil, having afterwards undertaken the Construction Management Program (CMP) by the University of Stellenbosch.

Since September 2016 holds the position of Executive Vice President for Engineering and Projects Development of ENH, E.P., the NOC from the Republic of Mozambique.

Has been admitted at the National Roads Administration (ANE) in 1993, still has an engineering technician, having worked successively in various projects, having had high exposition to the management and negotiations of contracts.

From 2010 to 2016, has occupied the post of ANE’s Head of the Contracts Administration Department, whose task was to coordinate the management of all of ANE’s main ongoing contracts related to the construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of roads in the country.

Juscelina Guirengane

Juscelina Guirengane is a multi-tasked entrepreneur, social activist, volunteer, university lecturer, public speaker and business consultant with about 9 years of professional experience, both at the local and international level.

Juscelina possesses an Information Systems and Technology Business Commerce Honours Degree, from the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. She is currently and simultaneously the CEO of Sahane Consultoria & Serviços Lda (a private sector management and ICT consultancy and training provider), President of the National Association of Young Entrepreneur’s (ANJE), the President of the Mozambique USA Alumni Association (MUSAA), and the Global Entrepreneurship Network Managing Director for Mozambique.

She has participated in many international capacity building programs, congresses, conferences, symposiums and internships in all continents of the world, including Presidential Summits, related to business and entrepreneurship.

Taciana Peão Lopes

Taciana Peão Lopes is a Mozambican lawyer and an independent energy/oil and gas legal counsel focused in energy projects in Mozambique. She has been advising developers, sponsors, investors, multinational lenders and commercial banks to develop, construct and finance power plants ranging in size from 30 MW to 600 MW utilizing diverse technologies as natural gas, coal and hydroelectric, as well as alternative technologies such as solar and wind, by guiding the clients through a challenging regulatory regime. She has been representing the major upstream oil and gas companies based in Mozambique. Taciana has been involved in the first LNG export project in Mozambique, which is one of the largest LNG projects worldwide. Her expertise in LNG includes the drafting and negotiation with the Government of the Republic of Mozambique of the legal instruments required for the creation of a new legal framework for the implementation and financing for LNG in Mozambique. Taciana is a founder and sponsor of Waza, a Mozambican think and do tank, and parte of the network of the Graça Machel Trust Foundation – Women Advancing Africa, through the Mozambican Associations Femme – Women in Business and New Faces New Voices.

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