MGS Mentoring Programme

In Partnership with ANJE

Despite investments being deployed in the country, lots of young Mozambican entrepreneurs do not yet have the skillset to efficiently organise their start-ups to comply with international standards and gain access to many of the tenders that are associated with the energy projects. MGS in partnership with ANJE is launching a mentorship program to match local start-ups with SMEs to support and enhance skillsets to ensure these companies have all of the requisite skills to take off and prosper.

The programme will provide mentees with regular one to one sessions with their respective mentors, enabling them to ask questions, discuss situations and collaboratively work towards further access to opportunities available within the energy and ancillary sectors.

Mentors will be at the very forefront of local capacity development in Mozambique, and will be working with and assisting in the development of Mozambican start-ups who are serious about pursuing careers in and around the energy sector and subsequently have a leading role in a new Local Content initiative being developed by ANJE and the Mozambique Gas Summit team.

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For more information on how to participate at the Summit, please contact:

Bernardo Lemos, Conference Producer: T: +44 20 8078 8259

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