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Anicha Abdul, Managing Director, EP Management Consultancy Interview

Anicha Abdul, Managing Director, EP Management Consultancy

• What more can be done to promote opportunities available for women in the work place?
Leadership trainings should be implemented more and corporates should have mentorship programs to enable that women attain certain skills, break barriers to enable them to reach out to opportunities.

• What piece of advice would you give to other women starting their career?
Be the hardest working person you know. Always keep an eye out for new opportunities/projects/promotions in your company, and raise your hand. Be humble enough to accept what you don’t know and yet strong enough to adapt to what needs to get you going. Personal growth should be intentional and be around successful people.

• Who was your idol growing up?
My mother was my hero as a young adult, and when I was building my career, my father’s work ethic taught me to keep going no matter what, while my mother’s humbleness taught me to remain grounded and know where I came from.

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